A Note About This Portfolio

For better or worse, most of the photos on this site were taken in haste under lack-luster conditions while I was in the process of moving continents. The “better” part is that I managed to squeeze in a quick photo session with a horrible point and shoot camera while figuring out how to transport 12 oversize and overweight boxes to Germany. The “worse” part is that the camera was the aforementioned terrible point and shoot thingy, and I had no time to set up a proper photography environment. Nonetheless, I’ve always preferred seeing someone’s work as a photographed package as opposed to a seemingly random assortment of digital files, as I think it’s difficult to convey that the magenta (or whatever out of place color) on the JPG actually printed as a spot UV varnish – and so forth and so on.  Therefore I’ve chosen to use these photos, despite their sometimes questionable photographic quality, whenever possible.

These photos will be continuously updated as soon as I am able to get my hands on more of the physical objects, most of which are sitting comfortably on the top shelf of a sibling’s closet in North Carolina – currently much too far away for me to get my hands on.

Thanks for your interest and for looking through this site.


A Note About Using This Site
Each image on the “Portfolio” page represents a project or a pairing of projects. Each individual project contains multiple images. Think of each image on the main “Portfolio” page as a folder containing up to five unique images of the project. After you’ve chosen your initial image, hovering the mouse above that image will allow navigation arrows to appear. The set of navigation arrows on the image will take you through the project, while the navigation arrows on the far right will jump between entire projects, only allowing you to see the initial image. Ok, on to it!

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